Palletising Line with 2 ABB Robots - Northern Ireland

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Palletising Line with 2 ABB Robots - Northern Ireland

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Palletising Line with 2 ABB Robots - Northern Ireland


Stevia Automation's participation in this project involved development and comissioning of the HMI and PLC control programs based on functional specification (FDS) submitted by our customer.

ystem consisted of three major functional areas:
Production conveyors - accepting product from the existing system, transporting it up to the sick barcode scanner, tracking and sorting it onto six robot infeed lanes based on the barcode number read and actual infeed recipe assignment .
Robots - two ABB robots picking product boxes from individual lanes and placing them onto corresponding pallets according to the recipe parameters i.e. product type (box size, weight etc.), required no of layers on pallet, product placement coordinates etc.
Palletizing conveyors - accepting pallets completed by the robots and transporting them to the automatic pallet wrapper. All full pallets had to be tracked due to variations in pallet wrapper programs required for different types of pallets. Three automatic empty pallet de-stackers were used as buffers releasing empty pallets onto main palletizing conveyor in response to the requests arriving from palletizing stations. Released empty pallets were then tracked onto one of six robot palletizing stations as per request buffer (FIFO queue).

Project highlights:

Location: Northern Ireland
End User: Delta Packaging Manufacturing Site
Size: 400 Inputs/Outputs


Siemens MP377
Recipe Management
creation, local storage, search engine, re-use
PLC download with sanity check and interlocks
Device state animation
Robot Control
System view with hierarchical (system/area/sub-area/device) fault indication
Device manual control
Shift statistics
Alarms and warnings
User accounts to control access to critical process data

VIPA 315/SN (equivalent of Siemens 318-2 DP)
Profibus DP in conjuncion with AS-i for equipment operation
Ethernet for:communication between HMI and PLC
recipe download from PLC to ABB robot controller (socket messaging over TCP/IP)
remote support using dedicated eWon module
Single PLC controlling all system devices and interfacing with stand-alone machines (i.e. Robots, Pallet Wrapper)


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